Sunshine fund: $67.00 


President Trish

Welcomed all and delivered a number of notices to members.

  1. Caterers are leaving on the 27th.  President Trish circulated a card for all members to sign and would like ideas of ways we could farewell them. 
  2. Anyone interested in being District Governor for the 2018/2019 should contract District for details. 
  3. RLI is being held at Glendowie College on 8th - 9th April.  Anyone interested in attending should contact President Trish.  (Remember the Club covers the cost of attendance at this event).
  4. District Conference  - Just a reminder - further details in this bulletin.
  5. RYLA we have 2 candidates for this, one from Bill Kuegler and one from President Trish.   Applications close 30th April.
  6. Committee meetings.   President Trish would like committees to combine resources to look at ideas to attract new members.  A notice will be placed in the Informer  (covers Hunua Ararimu area).

Guest Speaker


Committee Meetings so no guest speaker this evening.


Secretary John

No notices tonight but announced that we had 21 members in attendance plus three one-minutes to follow.

One Minutes

(1)  Sue Baker Riverhead Cruise.   All have paid and it was agreed we would use the mini bus for transport into Westhaven at a cost of approx $22.00 per head.
(2)  Lisa attended the training for mentors for our matched twin exchange student to Australia.   Our outgoing candidate will speak at the club prior to leaving for Australia and Lisa would like ideas for trips etc. for when the incoming student visits.
(3)  Phil had planned to show a video taken by Harry’s son of last years Produce Collection.  However the sound system has, regrettably,  been taken from the Club.  This could have been inadvertently or maliciously and Betty, the Papakura Club Manager, has been informed.


Sergeant Rolly

Had Adrian on the bag this week



Sue has spoken to John Parker and he hopes to be able to attend a meeting in the near future.  

Thought of the Day

Alf   “Worry does not take away tomorrows troubles, it takes away today's peace".  (Randy Armstrong)

Upcoming Events

Riverhead Cruise
Mar 19, 2017
Visit to Totara Hospice
Apr 10, 2017
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

District 9920 Conference
5-7 May 2017

Click here to download flyer

Mar 13, 2017
Mar 20, 2017
Mar 27, 2017
Must be something special if the boss is arranging it!
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RECEPTION Iain Wakefield Linda Kelly Peter van der Gulik
VISITORS/REGALIA Chris Snelson Mike Hall Iain Wakefield
GRACE Rolly Adams  Philip Hewlett John Rennie
HOST Sue Baker Harry Maidment Trish Hayward
THANKS Sue Blakely Hugh Munro Trish Hayward
THOUGHT of the DAY Robyn Brown Graeme Phillips Bill Kuegler
Remember,  if you are unable to meet your assigned duty would you kingly arrange for another member to take your place. 

When on RECEPTION duties please  pass the attendance sheet to Secretary John and all money to Treasurer Murray who will settle with the caterer.
APOLOGIES to or phone Alf on 09 298 7765 no later than 12 noon on the day of the meeting.
PARTNERS NIGHTS:  Notify Alf of any extra guests for dinner no later than the Thursday prior to the meeting.
BULLETIN CONTENT to Trevor by Tuesday afternoon following the Monday meeting.