CLUB MEETING -  15 May 2017

Sunshine Fund - $57.80


President Trish

Dementia Auckland  - This collection will be at Countdown Pukekohe.
Volunteer Roster as follows: 
Friday 30/6  - 10am to 12 noon Bill / Des. 
Saturday 1/7  - 3pm  to 5 pm Lisa / Iain. 
Sunday 2/7 - 10am  to 12 noon Trevor / Trish.
Girmit Dinner - The Rotary Club of Papatoetoe Central has invited us to be part of their first annual fundraising dinner honouring Girmit to be held on the 19th of May 2017.  Click here to download a flyer.
Bring a Friend Evening -  A fundraiser for the Rotary Club of Taveuni hosted by the Rotary Club of St Johns.  Click here to download a flyer.

Secretary Trevor (Standing in for John)

18 members and no guests.

One Minutes

  1. Philip - Would like photos of projects for the 30 year celebrations.
  2. Alf -  Peter will be taking numbers for the Trainee of the Year dinner by the Thursday prior to the event.

Reminders Diary

June is Rotary Fellowship month - Speakers TBA by Club Service Committee.

Monday 29th Trainee of the Year (partners & friends welcome ) All numbers to Peter van der Gulik by Thursday 25th May.  This is essential so we get the numbers correct for catering and as to which section of the Club we need to use.


Sergeant Tom - Promised that as he was not active last week then this week would be “double the money and double the fun”.

Almoner's Report

Sue has spoken to Cliff (got Cliff's "Thought for the Day") and confirmed that he and Ruth are both OK.  She also phoned Rolly who is progressing favourably.

Thought for the Day - PDG Cliff

“If we are ever going to develop the potential power of Rotary to a reasonable degree, we must first of all have a better understanding of Rotary amongst Rotarians"   Harold Thomas Past RI President.
Meeting Closed and Club Assembly was called. 

Club Assembly

Treasurer’s Report - IPP Bill
Outlined to members that we run 2 accounts, i.e. a club account for day to day running of the club and a trust account for money earned by projects etc.  The books are right up to date thanks to the work Murray has done.
Account Balances -  club account  $7,476,  trust account $16, 654.  This year's budget was very sound and we will finish the year with a good excess.
Moved Bill / Alf  - accepted.
Club Service -  Iain
Honours Board -  Is still not completed.
Fellowship -  We have run several good and well attended events. 
Foundation Centenary at Ellerslie Race Course.
Work is ongoing on updating the constitution as is updating the Club Brochure.  
Presidential Citation.   As we have had a number of resignations then a gold  is not possible but working on silver or bronze.
Moved Iain/Trish  - accepted
Community - Sam
Supplied Rosehill special school with a concrete outdoor table tennis table and golf raised $1,300.  Pink ribbon day organised by Robyn , money donated to various groups & charities.  AEDs - there are already enough in the area but looking at running a course in CPR.
Moved Sam/Bill  - accepted
Youth - Linda
Reduced to 3 members during the year.   Tried to get a youth leadership program started at the Marae but unfortunately this did not work out.
Trees for Survival with Bill went well, and so did the Drury and Ramarama Calf Club days. 
Debating Cup organised by Sue Baker.  
Challenge Camp  - as there were no candidates we sent two to Kidney Kids Camp Adair.  
Mana Wahine, a program aimed at young Maori women likely  to offend.  
Australian NZ student exchange.   Our student is currently in Australia.
RYPEN 2 students sent. 
Interact going very well @ Rosehill.
Dictionary to Redhill & Edmund Hillary schools.
Speakers arranged in the months allocated.  
Thanks to the committee with special mention to Roy & Sue Blakely
Moved Linda/ Phil accepted
International & Vocational - Peter
Dictionaries to Samoa are in Apia awaiting distribution.
2 vocational visits undertaken during the year.
RYLA -  we could not find a candidate nor could District supply one so the club will be refunded.
Trainee of the Year  - good applicants, cost will be $25 per person for the night.
Moved Peter /Harry - accepted
General Business
PE Iain -  outlined his vision for next Rotary yea.  Eight members replied to the survey indicating they would would like more hands on projects, more feedback from the Board meetings, more info on what is expected of them as Rotarians, and more interesting meetings.
The Incoming World President wants to encourage sustainability in the world.
PE Iain would like to get members to know each other better. 
September is the 30th year of the Club & Lisa has arranged for an event at the Jolly.
Also planned are more vocational visits, speakers should be given the chance to share the ideals of Rotary, and we need new members and a greater diversity of members.
Board for 2017 / 2018:  Secretary/ Treasurer - Harry,  Sergeant - Linda, Youth & Vocational - Lisa,  Community and Public Relations - Sam,  Foundation and& International Des.
Due to declining numbers there will be changes in running of the committees. All other positions except that of taking apologies have been filled. 

Volunteer required to take over from Alf -  please contact Iain if you are able to undertake this important but non time consuming role. 

Lisa - Privacy.   The Club must look at ways of protecting this now that ClubRunner is on the World Wide Web.  We do need a Facebook presence but need to draw up a Social Media Policy.   President Trish to initiate.  


DUTIES 3 July 10 July 17 July
THOUGHT of the DAY      
NOTE To be confirmed To be confirmed To be confirmed
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 When on reception duties please pass the attendance sheet and money to Secretary Harry, who will settle with the caterer.

Apologies and extra guests to Trevor on 294 7155 by 12pm or by 8am on the day of the meeting. Please note that you will be asked to pay for your meal if you do not apologise by this deadline. 
Bulletin content to Iain by Tuesday lunchtime following the Monday meeting.