Sunshine Fund  $78.80


 President Trish

We have been contacted by Kimberly Pond from Pillars  a group that assists with children of prisoners they need mentors for children in this situation aged 5 to 17 years any interest please contact Trish ( would make a good speaker but this year's slots are with the exception of 26th June  taken )


ANZAC Day   Peter & Riet have kindly offered to organise the wreath for the Drury Service We will be doing a barbecue after the service & volunteers will be needed for that


Caterers are finishing 29th May (Trainee of the Year night Club Service could consider a suitable “thank you “ from the Club)


Subject for tonight's speech

“The Life & Times of Linda Kelly “It is always very good to have members of the Club speak to us on what they have achieved & done  in life & Linda was no exception.Migrating from England by sea @ an early age settling in Wgton (probably none of the kids @ the school could understand her Sth London accent !)Linda went on to become a teacher & like most teacher taught in a variety of schools Culminating in being appointed principal of Takanini a post she held for 14 year prior to retiring .The influence her parents had on her is ,she thinks the reason that she has had so much success & fulfillment in her life.


PE Iain announced his Board for the next Rotary year  

PE for 17/18 year Hugh Munro Secretary Harry Maidment Iain is going to run 3 large committees & the Directors are Robyn Brown Des Redgwell  Lisa Leask who will also be in charge of arranging the 30 year anniversary in Sept this year. Unfortunately PE  forgot to include that his Sergeant would be Linda Kelly ( this must result in a the first fine of the new year!!)

Treasurer tba.   

Secretary John
16 members & 2 honorary Helen & Bob  

One minutes
there were none


Sergeant Tom
Marched forth to as usual a slightly different drum & with “bag man “ Bill hovering fined widely & indiscriminately    


Almoner's Report  
Sue Visited Cliff & Ruth with some of her baking which I’m sure they will appreciate !!


Thought for the Day

Mr. Kuegler not only forgot that he was doing it but then proceeded to forget his lines !!

“I’ll stop telling the truth about you ,when you stop telling lies about me “(David Lange)


Phil Hewlett Is trying to find a printer capable of printing onto CDs if anyone has one contact Phil   

Reminders Diary

10th April  - we will visit Totara Hospice for meeting dinner & presentation of cheque from the Golf   a partners night  $25 per head


24th April  -  Visit to Rex Benns Collectables( Hugh for details) Partner’s night



8th May Terry Taniwha  on “P” or methamphetamine

22nd May   Sue Blakely has arranged

19th June  John Matherson  a Travel Agent speaking on travel (partners night )


Duties                                         3rd April        10th April           17thApril

Reception                                       S Blake           J Rennie               Mr E Rabbit

Visitors  Regalia                            S Blakely        N/A                      ( no meeting)                                  

Grace                                               R Brown          T Impey

Host                                                 committee      N/A

Thanks                                             Meetings        T Hayward

Thought                                           T Impey          I Wakefield

When on RECEPTION duties please  pass the attendance sheet to Secretary John and all money to Treasurer Murray who will settle with the caterer.
APOLOGIES to or phone Alf on 09 298 7765 no later than 12 noon on the day of the meeting.
PARTNERS NIGHTS:  Notify Alf of any extra guests for dinner no later than the Thursday prior to the meeting.
BULLETIN CONTENT to Trevor by Tuesday afternoon following the Monday meeting.