CLUB MEETING - 13 February 2017

Sunshine fund: $82.40 


President Trish

Welcomed all and delivered a number of notices to members.

  1. Thanks to all who helped at the Country Kitchen which raised in the region of $1,600 for the Guide Dogs.

  2. Thanks to Des for arranging a most enjoyable Vocational tour last Monday night.

  3. President Trish went along to the Rotary Foundation Centenary Celebrations at the Ellerslie Racecourse where we had sponsored Lego at the Pop-Up Playground.

  4. District Conference.   To date only 3 members have enrolled and members were reminded that the cut off date for reduced pricing was the end of February.

  5. RLI  is being held at Glendowie College 8th and 9th April.  This event is highly recommended, especially for newer members, but is also applicable to any members who have not done the course

  6. Newmarket club is holding a “Gatsby” night on 31st March.  Tickets $105.

  7. Mt Eden club has a Jazz event on 11th March $20 fund raiser for for the District 9920 Heart Saver project.  Click here for further details.

  8. The Papakura Club is losing its caterers and their final night catering for us will be 27th March.  President Trish intends that we do something for them that night so any bright ideas to Trish please.

Guest Speakers


Our speaker for the night was Bill Peddie from the Mangere Club on the topic "The Science of Ageing".  Bill was Science head at Mangere High for many years if last night's talk reflected his teaching skills thenI’m sure that school must have turned out some enthusiastic science students.  A most informative if sobering talk, but delivered in a most entertaining fashion.


Secretary John

No notices tonight but announced that we had 20 members in attendance plus the guest speaker with two one-minutes to follow.

One Minutes

(1)   Sue Baker.  Riverhead Cruise update.   Anyone who has not paid please do so ASAP by remitting directly into into the club account.  Clearly identify your deposit with your name and the identifyer “Red Boats".  We could cost share a United Taxis minibus that would cost around $22 per person, provided that we all chose to travel that way.    Please advise Susan next Monday night if you would prefer to travel by Taxi or arrange your own transport if you wish.   Remember the Taxi option will almost certainly avoid some potential parking problems at the Marina.  It sounds as if catering may be a little more extensive than originally thought

(2)  Roy.   Interact Rosehill.  40 attended a recent meeting but only 2 boys !!
They have dual Presidents and both have applied for RYPEN.  On Valentine's day they raised $930 by selling Roses.   They are also interested in assisting with outside Community Projects.


Sergeant Rolly

Designed a sergeant’s session covering” many acres” of  rolling landscape from the lofty heights of Rotary knowledge to the lowlands of the behaviour of club members at the Country Kitchen fundraiser. 


Bill has spoken with John Parker and all sounds to be going OK.   However,  John has been in contact with Cliff Dickey and reported that Ruth is not in very good health. Also, due to back problems Cliff is finding driving difficult.

Thought of the Day
A very fine one from Des but as the Bulletin would stretch to many pages if I included it all it has therefore been omitted.
Editor's note for Thought of the Day - remember brevity is the soul of wit. 
Des you are down for the though next week so you can try again (Ed).



Upcoming Events

Riverhaed Cruise
Mar 19, 2017

District 9920 Conference
5-7 May 2017

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Mar 13, 2017
Mar 20, 2017
Mar 27, 2017
Must be something special if the boss is arranging it!
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