From RI President Ian Riseley

New Rotary International President, Ian Riseley, has chosen 'Making a Difference' as the theme for the 2017-18 Rotary year. He is particularly keen for Rotary service to contribute towards environmental sustainability, reminding Rotarians that 'There is no Planet B'. As such, he challenged every Rotarian to plant at least one tree by World Tree Day - April 22nd. This is a goal the Rotary Club of Drury can meet through our Trees for Survival involvement. 

Club officers 2017-18

Although we will directors to champion key areas of focus, members will not be assigned to standing committees this year. Instead, we will have monthly club reviews, where members will be able to express their interest in any project or initiative.


President: Iain
Secretary: Harry
Treasurer: Harry
Sergeant: Linda
Club Service Director: Hugh
Community and PR Director: Sam
Youth and Vocational Director: Lisa
Foundation and International Director: Des
Immediate Past President: Trish 

Other roles

Bulletin Editor: Trish
Almoner: Susan
Fellowship: Lisa
Apologies: Iain
Programme: Iain
Jul 03, 2017
Jul 10, 2017
IYE experience 2016-17
Jul 17, 2017
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Dementia Auckland Collection
Jun 30, 2017 – Jul 02, 2017
District Changeover
Howick Club
Jul 02, 2017
8:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Duty roster
3 July
Adams, Rolly
Blake, Sam
Blakely, Sue
Thought of the Day
Hayward, Trish
10 July
Hewlett, P.J., Philip
Hall, Mike
Leask, Lisa
Munro, Hugh
Hayward, Trish
Thought of the Day
Phillips, Graeme

What you need to know ...

Dementia Auckland Collection

Location:  Countdown Pukekohe South, 186-192 Manukau Road, Pukekohe


Date Time Name
Friday 30 July 10am-12pm Bill, Des
Saturday 1 July 3-5pm Lisa, Iain
Sunday 2 July 10am-12pm Trish, Trevor


If you can no longer make your time, please arrange for someone to stand in. 

Instructions from Dementia Auckland:

If you are the first collectors then please collect the bags from the Countdown Customer Service Desk. If you are the last collectors someone will either meet you at the end of your time slot to collect the buckets/bags. If they have not arrived then please hand all the gear to the Countdown Customer Service Desk.

  • Be on time and stay committed, you are part of a team and we are relying on you to turn up.
  • Please be sure to stay in the one place
  • Be sure to wear the Dementia Auckland vest and ID badge at all times, and return them or hand them to the next person when your time slot has ended.
  • Please don’t rattle the buckets or get in people’s way but feel free to call out that you’re collecting for Dementia Auckland
  • You will have stickers to distribute to everyone who donates
  • If someone asks you for information on Dementia Auckland please refer to the back of the ID badge or the brochures in the bags.
  • Have fun and remember that you’re making a huge difference to people living well with dementia
In case of any queries, the Dementia Auckland contact person is Sarah Knight, ph. 021 204 7006
President Iain urges focus on fun, membership and getting to know each other
In his inaugural address as president for the 2017-18 Rotary year, President Iain urged the club to focus on having fun and getting to know each other better. To achieve this, he outlined new regular activities that will become part of club meetings: a different member each week will speak on a topic of their choice for three minutes, we will catch up on life stories from new members who have not yet done one, and we will have some fun with 'Two Truths and a Lie', a game which challenges members to separate the truth from the lies about their fellows. 
Membership will also be a focus. "Drury Rotary has a problem with membership," said President Iain. "When I joined the club in 1994, I was the 51st member. Now we're down to 22, which makes us officially a small Rotary club." President Iain reminded members that to run more, bigger projects, we need more members. 
There will be no specific membership director, because "membership is everyone's responsibility." However, President Iain outlined several initiatives he will champion to lead the club's efforts to build membership. We will review the Club Visioning we did last year, and use the results of President Iain's recent survey to improve the club experience. Increasing gender and ethnic diversity to achieve a club that reflects our community will be priorities. We will also chase club alumni over the last 30 years and encourage them to re-engage with Rotary. 
This year marks the Rotary Club of Drury's 30th anniversary, since the club's launch in 1987. Lisa is leading a committee to organise a celebration at the Jolly Farmer on September 11th. We will also mark the occasion with the publication of an online book compiling events and achievements from our annual reports since 1987. 
President Iain concluded by quoting the great scientists Thomas Edison and Charles Darwin. Thomas Edison's famous quote, 'There ain't no rules around here - we're trying to achieve something', reflects the Council of Legislation's loosening of the rules and regulations surrounding Rotary meetings to help clubs become more flexible.
Charles Darwin famously observed that survival depends not on being the biggest or the brightest, but on being responsive to change. President Iain echoed this sentiment. "This club needs to change. We need new members to achieve our goals and we need to respond to the changing world of the 21st century," he said. 
Drury Rotary celebrates achievements in 2016-17 year
Immediate Past President Trish confessed herself beaten when she tried to put together a list of the Rotary Club of Drury's achievements in community service for her changeover speech.
"It just got too long," she said. "We've done so many great things to make a difference for our community this year."
The club ran four major projects in the 2016-17 year: the Golf Tournament, which raised nearly $14,000 for Totara Hospice; the Produce Collection, which delivered 12,000 tonnes of fresh produce to help the Salvation Army feed hungry families; the Country Kitchen, which raised $1600 for Blind Foundation Guide Dogs; and Trainee of the Year, which supported three young tradespeople to develop their chosen careers. 
In between these projects, the club has done a huge amount of other work. Our achievements focus on supporting community initiatives, supporting Rotary programmes and initiatives led by other clubs and District, and donations to other organisations which are doing good work in our community. 
Community initiatives we've supported include screening 110 people for high blood pressure on Blood Pressure Day, providing an outdoor table tennis table for Rosehill School, Trees for Survival, the Oral Hygiene programme, the Pat Baker Debating Cup and Drury's ANZAC Day commemoration. 
Support for Rotary programmes, other clubs and District includes sponsoring students to participate in RYPEN and the Australia/New Zealand student exchange, providing $1000 for the District Diabetes Project, packing Emergency Response Kits, and supplying dictionaries to local schools and primary schools in Samoa. We also helped the Rotary Club of Papakura to run their New Zealand Motorcycle Show and gave $2000 to their project to sponsor a nurse educator for the National Burn Unit. 
As well as this, we've given many donations, notably $8170 to Papakura Music School, $780 to Kidney Kids, $550 to Breast Cancer New Zealand and $400 to Autism New Zealand. 
"It's been great to see the real difference our club makes," reflected Trish. 
Thanks for a great year ... and here's your chicken
Immediate Past President Trish abandoned Rotary tradition and thanked club members for their hard work and support in the 2016-17 Rotary year with unusual gifts of chickens, water, school books and honeybees. The gifts were from Oxfam Unwrapped, and came in the form of cards. Oxfam uses the proceeds from sales of the cards to buy seeds, tools, livestock, education, food and clean water for families in need. 
"In the spirit of Rotary, I wanted to thank people in a way that would make a difference in the world," says Trish.
The gifts were given to committee directors and Rotarians who led major projects in 2016-17. Club Service director Iain received honeybees, Community director Sam got clean water, Youth director Linda got school supplies, and Secretary John supported women's empowerment. For leading Trainee of the Year, Des got a card helping community business, and Harry got one funding food for a hungry family in recognition of his sterling efforts in the Produce Collection and Country Kitchen projects. A pair of chickens and a vegetable garden, respectively, were given in absentia to Totara Hospice Golf Tournament lead Trevor and International and Vocational director Peter, who were unable to attend changeover. 
On a more traditional note, Annie received a bright bouquet of flowers for her service and dedication to the club. 
Other members recognised were:
  • Susan, for leading an enjoyable social programme in 2016-17
  • Phil, for looking after the club's audiovisual needs and photo collection
  • Rolly, Mike, Tom and Adrian for acting as joint sergeants
  • Alf, for taking apologies
  • Trevor and Harry, for editing the bulletin
  • Bill, for advice and support as immediate past president
  • Roy, for looking after our Interact club
  • Murray, for his role as treasurer.
Interested members can find more information about Oxfam Unwrapped cards at