CLUB MEETING - 10 April 2017

Held at Totara Hospice

The reason for meeting here was to hand over the cheque from the Hospice golf Tournament held last November.

Melinda Seal gave an outline of the functions that Hospice carries out and the method of funding.  At present they need funds for the nurses & doctors that do home visits (what Mel calls the “front line staff” ) so this year this is where our money will be spent.  Following this we had a most moving speech by one of the “Student Ambassadors “.  This is a group of High School students who assist at Hospice.  Our speaker had lost her father to cancer when she was an early teenager, and the support that Hospice had given the family motivated her to become a Student Ambassador.

President Trish was able to hand over $13,891.88, on behalf of our Club.  This was one of the most successful Golf events we have run as far as funds raised. This was  due  to the generous terms Pukekohe Golf Club gave us and the quality of auction prizes we had.  Melinda presented Trish with a Hospice Certificate. (We have taken several photos and Mel will attempt to get a press release published but, like us, she knows the difficulty of getting articles published in the local papers)    


President Trish

Reminded the Club about the visit on the 24th.  Hugh has organised for us to go to “Rex’s Collectables” at 30 Elizabeth Place, RD1, Drury.   Meet there at 6.00 pm.  Partners are most welcome as this is not just “toys for the boys”.   We will have dinner at the Jolly following.


One of the highlights of any President’s year is the awarding of Paul Harris awards and this was an excellent venue to make the presentation to Adrian Rhodes.
Over the years Adrian has done a multitude of jobs in the club but, as he said in his acceptance speech, due to their lifestyle following retirement they have spent considerable time away from home and for that reason he has never accepted the job of President. Jan thanked the club for the support that they have had over the years and mentioned that she had had to do a degree of prodding  to make sure Adrian came along tonight’s meeting

As Jan & Adrian have moved Adrian will be leaving our club but is hopeful that the meeting called to get the Pohutukawa Coast Club reactivated will succeed.  (Careful Adrian they may want an experienced Rotarian for Pres!!!)

Congratulations on your P.H. from all Drury Rotarians.


Secretary John

We had 24 members & partners.  We should have had 25 but A.G. Mike got lost somehow !!

Sergeant Rolly

Club on tour this week so no sergeant's session.  


Almoner's Report  

Nothing to report.


Thought for the Day

Queenie Hennessy “I am here to die".

Sister Mary Inconnu  “Pardon me, but you are here to live until you die.  There is  a significant difference” Rachel Joyce


Death should not be viewed as a failure, but as a natural conclusion to life.  Christine Cowgill


Reminders Diary

24th April -  Visit to Rex Benns Collectables.   (Hugh for details) Partner’s night.


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Visit to Rex Benns Collectables
Apr 24, 2017
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